Hi, my name is Kathleen Clark.  I’m the owner and trainer at Family Dog K9 Training.  We are a family owned business that serves the Central Ohio area doing puppy training, board and train, 1 on 1 training, and structured boarding.  I have a personal passion for helping families solve their dog behavior issues.  I first became interested in dog training because of my own dogs whose behavior problems were causing such distress for my family that we were having arguments about what we should do.  Maggie (left in the picture below)  was sweet with people but very dog reactive on a leash, and Doc (right in the picture below) was completely dog friendly but fear aggressive with people.  Try walking those two down the street!  I had some family members start refusing to come to the house.  I heard daily, “you need to fix that dog!”  It wasn’t for lack of trying.  I tried many types of training but nothing I was doing was addressing the real issues.   We learned to “do” things, but we didn’t learn to “not do” things.  There had to be something else!   I read, I studied, I searched, and after years of looking for help, I came across something called “balanced training” and it changed my life.  So what was different?  What I learned was that I had to change their state of mind.  They needed to clearly understand what yes and no meant.  I had to become the leader in all things, so that no matter what was going on, they had to believe that “I got it”.  rope pullMaggie is an old girl now and assists me in finding out a dog’s current state of mind.  Doc, has sadly passed away, but the last 2 years of his life were a quality that I wouldn’t have dreamed of if we hadn’t found help.  So I feel obligated to help others like me.  This is not just about obedience training, it is about a lifestyle for you and your dog.  One where they look to you for guidance and trust your direction.  There is a better way to live with your dog, and I can show you.

Head Trainer – Kathleen Clark


**Kathleen is a canine specialist, a member of The International Association of Canine Professionals,  and fully licensed and insured.  She continues her dog training education by attending seminars and workshops around the country.  She has attended  Train the Trainers, which is a unique workshop focused on balanced training methods and behavior modification, taught by Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training (canine aggression specialist and host of “What Would Jeff Do?” radio show) and Sean O’Shea of The Good Dog Training and Rehabilitation (an internationally-recognized dog trainer and dog behavior expert and author of “The Good Dog Way, Love Them by Leading Them” book)  She consults and partners with other dog training professionals on a daily basis to continue learning and sharing new creative training solutions.

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